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Powerful Online Training That Works

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    The Bulletproof HVAC Sales Professional

    Guaranteed to help you sell more systems than ever at great margins. Once you complete this program you will crush the low-ball competitors and you’ll never again struggle with homeowners who want 3 bids or a cheap price.

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    The High Impact HVAC Service Technician

    Designed to teach HVAC service techs how to create a powerful Prosperity Mindset, generate quality sales leads & dramatically increase service revenue by focusing on high service not high pressure.

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    Advanced Closing Live Event

    Advanced Closing is an intensive two day course packed with extensive live role-play for the sales professional or service technician wishing to take their performance to the next level. Close more sales. Generate more revenue. Dominate your competition!

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"An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage."

Jack Welch

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Craig McKenna

Owner - Vernal HVAC

"We closed 70% of our leads and put up $66,324.76 on only 10 leads!"

Dwayne Willard

Owner - Fireside Plumbing

"450% growth in our business the first year in the Weldon Long Program!"

Aaron Ruddick

Owner - Reliable Comfort

"Our HVAC Design Consultants are closing above 50% now!"


“Success in life and business is not about the big things you do on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day. Success in life and business is about the little things you do EVERY day.”

Weldon Long

New York Times Bestseller & Creator of The HVAC Sales Academy

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"Confidence comes from discipline and training."

Robert Kiyosaki

The power of online training, and why it works.

The popularity of online training is growing at a breakneck pace. It’s currently considered the best way to get expert training with a tailored program that you have to complete step by step in order to reach your goals. The crucial difference, of course, is that you and your employees will no longer have to take time away from work or incur large travel expenses just to get the training you need.

So let’s go through some of the benefits that come from online training courses and breakdown what others are saying about its impact on business today.

Learning from the top business minds in the world.

Many sought after and noted business professionals already offer online training and education services to their clients. This translates into instant access to experts from around the world that allows the everyman to learn from top trainers that would be otherwise unavailable to the average business or their employees.

And it's not just the big names you can seek out: online training also gives you access to specialists in very specific areas. Saving you the time and effort of having to weed through a broad knowledge base to find the exact information you need to learn letting you call upon the advanced understanding of specialists from all over the world.

Training that fits your budget.

When a standout trainer begins to develop a reputation for delivering results, they tend to get busy very fast. The result of this, as we have learned, is that the demand for their training becomes overwhelming and makes it difficult for new clients to get the training they need. Such demand is inevitable and leads to a rise in the cost, making the training too expense for the average business and their employees. By utilizing the technology of online courses they are able to offer their training to almost anyone around the world at a fraction of the cost.

Location and time are no longer a viable excuse.

Having access to online professional training programs delivered to you electronically means that you can access your course and lessons on your mobile devices at any time and in any location, which is ideal for those that travel frequently or spend most of their time working in the field.

Continuing support and accountability.

Most online trainers provide comprehensive online support in the form of monthly coaching, online forums and accountability through constant monitoring of your progress. With these perks built into the initial upfront costs you are guaranteed personal attention and motivation to keep you moving forward throughout your entire learning experience.

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