May 7th, 2015 – Are Sales Calls Predestined?

There are times we walk into a home believing that, before we even ring the doorbell, the outcome is predestined. Sometimes, it feels like you sit down, people love you, and they want to buy from you. Other times, it feels like people just want to give you a hard time and bring up a ton of objections. If you get flustered at the first sign of a “3 bids” or “I want to think about itobjection, you start making the decision in your mind, “Well, this is one of those bad calls.” The outcome is not predestined. You aren’t walking into a home to find out if it’s a “good call” or a “bad call.” You have the ability and the responsibility to be the one that guides the conversation. One of the best ways of doing this is with the “$1 Scenario.” To see how to use the $1 Scenario in front of homeowners, watch the video above.

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