To succeed in the Residential HVAC and Plumbing industry you’ve got to Get Your Mind Right, Get Your Sales Right and train on an ongoing and Consistent basis. We offer you comprehensive training solutions to get your team trained, focused and motivated to create powerful sales results.


Every Plan gives you unlimited access to All of our World-Class online training

The Invincible Sales Professional – Comprehensive Online Prosperity Mindset and Sales Training

This powerful and convenient online version of our Signature Training Program will teach students how to execute in all three key areas of our HVAC Training – Get The Mind Right, Get The Sales Right and Get The Consistency Right. Additionally, students will learn: …

  1. How to sell high-margin/high-efficiency solutions in the face of homeowners who want a cheap price and bids from multiple contractors.
  2. How to earn business from homeowners who are “just getting information” and “want to think about it”.
  3. How to consistently beat the low ball competitor.
  4. How to consistently generate more sales leads and turn those leads into increased revenue and profits.
  5. How to create wealth and prosperity with integrity while focusing on high service… not high pressure.


Weekly Sales and Service Tech Training

Zig Ziglar once said, “Training is like eating. You have to do it on an ongoing basis.” In most cases, after your techs and sales staff attend a training program they get back to work and fail to implement because there is no ongoing support and training. We have changed that by producing powerful, weekly training that is delivered to your computer. This content can help you facilitate effective sales and service tech meetings by always supplying fresh and relevant content.


Monthly Accountability Coach

The best performers in any industry rely on a coach to encourage them and keep them moving towards their financial and sales goals. As a member of The HVAC Sales Academy your company will be assigned to one of our Monthly Accountability Coaches. Your coach will stay in constant contact with your team to help schedule and implement our training programs. They will also work with you and Mr. Long to ensure the weekly training program covers exactly the topic your team needs.


Lead Coordination Training

How a lead is set and qualified is just as important as how the sales opportunity is handled at the kitchen table. This program covers the fundamentals of a lead management program: Learn how to measure, qualify, set and manage the single most important asset in your company – your sales leads.


High Impact Plumbing Tech training

Running a profitable plumbing call requires more than just technical skills. To truly leverage the opportunity and increase sales productivity, plumbing techs need the communication and sales skills to make your company grow. This program will teach your plumbing techs how to run a call that focuses on high service and high margin.


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