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Over the past 6 years we have helped literally thousands of HVAC Professionals achieve their goals in the HVAC Industry. We are proud that so many of our students have found success using our program that we wanted to share some of their stories. Scroll down to take a look at what some of our most successful students are saying about us.


After the class on Day 1, I went on a sales lead and sold a $14,000.00 system using what I had just learned. After the class on Day 2, my salesman went on his first lead and sold an $18,000.00 system. His second lead he sold a $15,000 system. I had a lead after Day 2 of the training as well, and sold a $10,000 system. That is $57,000 in revenue on the same two days we attended the five hour sessions on back-to-back mornings!

It is really hard to break 18 years of bad habits, but this system gives us the tools to do just that. I am really excited to see what the future brings, and I look forward to continuing to work with Weldon and Doug in the future!

Terry Pickering, Houston, Texas


I just watched this week’s live show and wanted to share some of our numbers, and I think you guys will appreciate the glue that gelled everything together during and after the implementation process was the 7 Habits of Highly Effective HVAC Professionals Course. If you remember you had to twist my arm almost to the point of breaking to attend. Wow I’m glad I did! I quote Dr. Covey’s principles almost every week with my employees. In my opinion, I have two jobs as an owner, the first is to take care of my employees and the second is to bring opportunity into the company. A happy tech / installer / lead coordinator / office staff will lead to happy customers and long-term loyal repeat business.

Because of some personal family matters, the last four months I have been spending 3 days of every workweek in Florida only to return to South Carolina for only 2 days of work each week. So the question I have to ask you is “How many contractors do you know that can leave their businesses to their employees and have it run like a clock without you present?” The programs from your organization not only showed me how I can grow my company profitably, but also how I can grow it to function without my every day involvement and I thank you!!

Now, a few financials: We fully implemented your programs in May of 2012. I believe 2012 was a transition year, with 2013 being the first full year of it working like a clock. I was first introduced to you in January of 2011.

2011 Sales: $1,200,000.00 2012 Sales: $1,600,000.00 2013 Sales: $2,400,000.00 2014 Forecast: $4,000,000.00 Thank you for sharing all of your programs!! Jim Clark, Charlston, South Carolina


Over the three months before I attended The HVAC Sales Academy I had a 22% Close Ratio and had only put up $25,537.14 on 28 leads. The week after the training we closed 70% of our leads and put up $66,324.76 on only 10 leads! Amazing!

Craig McKenna, Vernal, Utah


The month we had our sales team begin your training we were closing 39% of our leads and generating $3,700 on average (Revenue Per Lead) for each lead we ran. Just 7 months into your program and we are currently closing 62% of our leads and generating more than $7,250 on average for every lead we run! Of all the other training programs, this one by far is much more impressive than anything I’ve ever seen before.”

“After diving head first into your program this past August, I wanted to let you guys know that May 2014 was our best month ever! Here’s our numbers from just the past two days…

Closed 26 of 43 leads for a 60% Close Rate with an Average Ticket of $10,191.00 and Revenue Per Lead of $6,139! This equates to over $264,000 in revenue in just two days!”

Kenny Bell. Sacremento, California


“Just before I met you I was tired of being owned by my business and was ready to shut it down after 30 years. My first year in your program my sales have grown by 123%! I recently hired a newcomer to sales using your strategies and he put $100,000 on the board in his first six weeks. Where have you been the last 30 years? Oh…that’s right. I love you Weldon!”

“Just thought I should let you know we are up 20% over last year, year-to-date! We have 14 Mitsubishi systems on the board to install and more closed sales to be turned in tomorrow! We are swamped! Just goes to show the Weldon Long system works in small town USA. Hope to catch you on the show live next week. All the best, Jeff Fisher”

Jeff Fisher, Effort, Pennsylvania


“Our first year in your programs we’ve grown our residential sales by 64%, which represents more than $2,300,000 at great margins!”

David Bucchi, San Antonio, Texas


Good morning Doug and Wally! Just wanted to take a moment and share our success over this past weekend. Robert ran 7 leads between Friday afternoon and Sunday. He closed all 7 leads he ran for a total revenue of $58,000+! Revenue Per Lead over that duration is $8359.

Really excited to have Janner and Bill back from 7 Habits Leadership training today to see what they learned and how they apply to our business to continue to grow and improve. When is the next Advanced Sales class going to be held? I know Janner, Robert and I can’t get wait to get him and a couple other guys out there to learn and improve even more and keep working towards the next level. By the way, one of our service techs Brian attended the 2 day core sales event in January and sold over $13k in accessories in January. I can’t wait to see his February numbers next week!

The training has already paid for itself through the first two months of the year and our goal is to have all of our techs attend the two day core sales class before the end of the year and several of them attend the Advanced Closing as well. We have lofty goals this year, but we are confident they are reachable with continued training, accountability, and communication!

Thanks again and Happy Monday! I have been up since 4:30 reviewing my personal prosperity plan and getting really excited about the week ahead of us.

Jeremy Rushton, Prescott Valley, Arizona

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